National corn yield champion from Virginia

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January 09, 2013 2:40 pm

During its recent corn yield contest, the National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) sorted and placed a record number of entries - doubling it in some circumstances - that surpassed national average corn yields despite crippling, persistent drought.

The National Corn Yield Contest, in its 48th year, is NCGA's most popular member program. With 8,262 contest entries, 2012 surpassed all other years of the competition and awarded 18 winners in six production categories with verified yields averaging more than 316.3222 bushels per acre. This was compared to the projected national average of 122.3 bushels per acre last year.

Nationally, the top entry was from David Hula of Charles City, Va., who recorded 384.3609 bushels per acre in the No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated category.

At 317.4786 bushels per acre, Vern Nightengale of Ingalls had the top yield in Kansas, competing in the Irrigated division. Wood Farms of Greeley topped Nebraska entries with 320.4243 in No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated.

Brandon Hunnicutt, chairman of NCGA's Grower Services Action Team, said many members join NCGA to participate in the yield contest. The event tests their skills as a farmer, he said.

"While they join to gain entry, their view of the organization and corresponding level of participation, evolves," Hunnicutt, a Giltner, Neb., grower, said. "Once a contest participant looks at our activities and achievements on behalf of all American growers, they see the value in a grassroots approach that unites the voices of corn farmers across the country to affect change. Reluctant joiners turn into vital members, spokespeople for their industry and active advocates of NCGA membership."

National and state contest winners will be honored at the 2013 Commodity Classic in Kissimmee, Fla., in publications such as the NCYC Corn Yield Guide and many receive awards from participating sponsoring seed, chemical and crop protection companies.

Top results (category, top three entries, home, hybrid, variety, bushels per acre:

A Non-Irrigated - National: 1, Woodburn Farms, Somerville, Tenn., DeKalb DKC64-69 334.9523; 2, Jamie Gorder, Wahpeton, N.D., Pioneer P0062XR 298.6258; 3, Dan Gause Farms, Scranton, S.C., Pioneer P2088YHR 297.8531. Kansas: 1, Corey Franken, Troy, Pioneer P1522HR 248.8564; 2. Hugh Kinsey, Troy, Pioneer P1395AM1 237.2857; 3, Legacy Farms, Chanute, DeKalb DKC64-69 230.7770. Nebraska: 1, Mike Scholting, Louisville, Pioneer P1498AM-R 275.6516; 2, Brandon Snodgrass, Peru, Pioneer 32T85 263.2648; 3, Cory Snethen, Falls City, Pioneer P1498HR 251.8501.

AA Non-Irrigated - National: 1, Kathy Little, Hebron, Ind., Pioneer P1339XR 294.7642; 2, Herring Farms (Jim), Harpster, Ohio, DeKalb DKC59-64 292.9655; 3, Chosen Acres, Lewiston, Minn., Pioneer 34F07 288.0099.

A No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated - National: 1, Craig Hula, Charles City, Va., DeKalb DKC66-96 308.9133; 2, David Wolfskill, Wernersville, Pa., DeKalb DKC64-69 307.3735; 3, Mike Pikarski, Mooreton, N.D., Pioneer P9917AM1 294.7947. Kansas: 1, Idol Brothers, Hiawatha, Pioneer 33K44 236.7992; 2. Jeff Koelzer, Onaga, DeKalb DKC62-09 232.0627; 3, Henry Farms Inc., Robinson, Pioneer P1498HR 225.4997. Nebraska: 1, Corn Valley Farms, Louisville, Pioneer P1498YHR 273.2485; 2, Rocking K Farms, Bertrand, Pioneer 32T84 268.2183; 3, Dean Stevens, Falls City, Hoegemeyer 8389 263,4225.

AA No-Till/Strip-Till Non-Irrigated - National: 1, Robert Little, Hebron, Ind., Pioneer P1339XR 297.1250; 2, David Oberbroeckling, Davenport, Iowa, DeKalb DKC62-09 284.4133; 3, Ridge View Farms, Clyde, Ohio, DeKalb DKC57-50 284.3954.

Irrigated - National: 1, Randy Dowdy, Valdosta, Ga., Pioneer P2023YHR 372.3357; 2, Wright Farms, Walsh, Colo., Pioneer 32N74AM1 362.1392; 3, Brooks Brown Farm, Dumas, Texas, Pioneer P1625CHR 345.3059. Kansas: 1, Vern Nightengale, Ingalls, Pioneer P1625HR 317.4786; 2, Mike Timmons, Fremonia, Pioneer P1522HR 273.0338; 3, Loren Lucas, Johnson, Pioneer, P1625HR 272.2748. Nebraska: 1, Chris Beaver, Sterling, Pioneer P2088HR 319.5610; 2, Brent Safranek, Merna, DeKalb, KDC62-97 315.3203; 3, Adam Pieper, Richland, Pioneer P1498HR 309.7010.

No-Till/Strip-Till Irrigated - National: 1, David Hula, Charles City, Va., Pioneer P2088YHR 384.3609; 2, Harold Rother Farms Inc., Arapahoe, Colo., Pioneer P1625HR 324.4291; 3, Kip Cullers #1, Purdy, Mo., Pioneer P2088HR 322.7158. Kansas: 1, Josh Koehn, Montezuma, Pioneer 33D53AM-R 306.6088; 2, Fred Goossen, Montezuma, Pioneer P1625HR 305-8135; 3, Grent Webber, Sublette, Pioneer P2088HR 311.1809. Nebraska: 1, Wood Farms, Greeley, DeKalb DKC62-97 320.4243; 2, Beaver Farms, Sterling, Pioneer 33D49 317.8268; 3, Brian Johnson, Holdrege, Pioneer P1625HR, 316.1260.

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